Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mandala of the Lunar Quarter

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Mandala of the Lunar Quarter - Last Quarter - November 13, 2010

The Earth is slowly but steadily turning so that the Northern hemisphere will have shorter and shorter days until the Winter Solstice. The leaves around me have almost all fallen after blazing so brightly. I could smell winter in the air this morning, as the frost covered the blades of grass in crystalline beauty.

Click on the image above then right-click and "Save images as" to save it to your hard drive. If 100 people color the same mandala, we end up with 100 completely different mandalas, they're like snowflakes in that way! If you color this mandala, feel free to link to your images in a comment below, or email a JPEG no larger than 1meg to We'd all love to see your finished works.

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  1. Thanks Mandalamama - these comforting circles centre us and direct us to centres of divine energy - I will copy them for my family. Much appreciated, Richard